AeroClean Technologies Hosts the Palm Beach North Chamber of Commerce’s Small Business Advisory Council CEO Connection Event

December 09, 2021 – Palm Beach Gardens – Today, AeroClean Technologies (Nasdaq: AERC) hosted the CEO Connection Luncheon presented by the Palm Beach North Chamber of Commerce’s Small Business Advisory Council at AeroClean headquarters in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. Local small businesses gathered for the opportunity to connect on success stories and networking.

AeroClean’s CEO, Jason DiBona, focused his discussions on the value of mutually supporting other small businesses as a key area of success, the importance of continuing to carry out enhanced sanitization measures within small businesses, and AeroClean’s desire to build more win-win partnerships locally.

“AeroClean’s vision is being able to continuously help make impact in both the local and global community for health and safety by protecting the indoor air that we all breathe. Infections aren’t just costly – they can be deadly – so we need to do what we can to mitigate the threat of known and UNKNOWN harmful airborne pathogens – now and post-pandemic,” said Jason DiBona, CEO of AeroClean. “By adding effective, modern air sanitization devices to provide real-time protection for indoor spaces, businesses can thrive as these devices work to allow an added layer of comfort and protection for employees and patrons.”

AeroClean Technologies is the official Health & Safety sponsor for many of the Palm Beach North Chamber of Commerce’s in-person events and plans to continue taking an active role in working closely and collaboratively with other local small businesses in the Palm Beach communities. “We are delighted that AeroClean is driving the conversation around the importance of indoor air quality, key to the health and safety of our local and global community. We look forward to continuing to support one another in bolstering sustainable growth and prosperity of the Palm Beaches and beyond,” said Noel Martinez, President and CEO, the Palm Beach North Chamber of Commerce.

AeroClean is a Palm Beach Gardens-based business that commercializes proprietary, patented air sterilization and disinfection devices utilizing both filtration and germicidal UV-C LED light – significantly reducing and removing harmful pathogens such as allergens, mold, bacteria, fungi, and viruses, like influenza and SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) – offering continuous air sanitization as an additional important safety measure for indoor spaces.

About AeroClean Technologies

AeroClean is a pathogen elimination technology company on a mission to keep work, play and life going—with continuous air sanitization products called, Pūrgo™ (pure-go). We create solutions for hospitals, offices and many shared spaces as well as elevators, aircraft and more. Pūrgo™ products feature SteriDuct™, a proprietary technology developed by our best-in-class aerospace engineers, medical scientists and innovators. Powered by SteriDuct™, our solutions are medical-grade, eradicating viral, fungal and bacterial airborne pathogens. Our purpose is simple: to never stop innovating solutions that keep people healthy and safe, so life never stops.