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AeroClean Receives FDA Clearance For Pūrgo™

FDA Clearance Provided After Review Of Patented Germicidal UV-C LED Air Purification Technology Proven Effective At Eliminating Harmful Airborne Microorganisms - Learn more.
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Powered by SteriDuct™

Pūrgo uses SteriDuct™, a proprietary technology that safely optimizes UV exposure to effectively remove 99.99% of harmful organic airborne pathogens (viral, bacterial and fungal)

Purgo Device

Never stop working, playing, living.

Pūrgo is compact, quiet and powerful, thoughtfully designed to fit into the places and spaces you need it most.

Pathogen-free air that’s safe and prevents infections.

Airborne infections spread easily—especially indoors. Pūrgo can help prevent the transmission of these types of infections with medical-grade air sanitization that eliminates 99.99% of harmful airborne pathogens.

Healthcare-associated infections facts:


Immunocompromised patients


Are airborne related


Led to death


Annual cost

Waiting room and Healthcare facilities

My experience with Pūrgo overshot my expectations tremendously.

The science alone was enough to convince me to move forward, but I never foresaw the significant effect it would have on our sales. I’m in the business of helping people with refractive surgery, and based on our testing, Pūrgo helps more people make that choice.

Dr. Joel Hunter, Hunter Vision

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