Protect your facility with FDA-cleared air purification technology.

Dramatically reduce the risk and cost of healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) with medical-grade continuous air sanitization designed for hospitals, outpatient centers, and other healthcare facilities.

Infections aren’t just costly, they’re life threatening.

Routine infection control measures aren’t always enough to prevent infections, which can be life-threatening for immunocompromised patients.

Hospital Room

The impact of pathogens on healthcare facilities


Immunocompromised patients


Are airborne related


Led to death


Annual cost

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See what safer air can do for your healthcare facility.

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Breathe easy with scientifically proven protection.

Pūrgo™ is proven to provide continuous air sanitization, achieving a 4-log kill rate and reducing the amount of airborne pathogens by more than 99.99%, including A. brasiliensis and B. globigii—both pathogens that put immunosuppressed outpatients at risk during chemotherapy.

SafeAir Technology Program

Proudly let your customers, clients, and staff know your indoor air is clean, safe, and free from harmful pathogens with powerful 24/7 continuous protection from Pūrgo™.

Waiting room and Healthcare facilities

AeroClean is the ideal partner to help carry out these enhanced sanitization plans.

The intent of installing this cutting-edge technology is so that patients and their family members, staff and any guests feel more secure about transitioning back and utilizing our state-of-the-art facilities. AeroClean is the ideal partner to help carry out these enhanced sanitization plans.

Michael R. Bachstein, VP Facilities Management, Cape Cod Healthcare
Purgo Device

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