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Purgo™ combines advanced filtration with patented, UV-C SteriDuct™ technology to eliminate pollutants and harmful airborne pathogens from indoor spaces. Our multilayer filtration cartridge contains a pre-filter to capture large particles, an activated carbon filter to eliminate odors and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and a medical-grade HEPA filter to remove pollen, mold, fungi, and other harmful pathogens. Our patented SteriDuct™ technology uses germicidal UV-C LED light to eradicate bacteria and viruses, like influenza and SARS COV-2.

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Pūrgo™ products use proprietary SteriDuct™ technology that safely optimizes germicidal UV-C light to effectively eliminate 99.99% of airborne pathogens. It’s powerful and eradicates viruses, bacteria, and fungi on contact – meeting the rigorous performance standards required in hospital operating rooms.

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Extremely effective. Experts such as the CDC, EPA and ASHRAE recommend room air purifiers that can:

  1. Move and exchange air a minimum of four to six times per hour
  2. Use True HEPA filtration
  3. Include UV Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) for advanced air cleaning

Pūrgo™ meets or exceeds the guidelines established for air purifiers by the CDC, EPA, ASHRAE and complies with the FDA’s Enforcement Policy for Sterilizers, Disinfectant Devices, and Air Purifiers During the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Public Health Emergency. Our products deliver continuous, medical-grade air sanitization and pathogen killing performance at the airflow volumes required to mitigate situational COVID risk and Healthcare Associated Infections (HAIs)

Pūrgo™ can operate in indoor spaces of all sizes and can continuously clean the air where harmful pathogens may be released and transferred locally, person-to-person. Connect with our experts so we can better assess your spaces and specific needs.

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Pūrgo™ has been rigorously tested in a variety of controlled laboratory environments and multiple real-world indoor spaces. During these tests, air sampling was conducted at fixed intervals to measure Purgo™’s impact on air quality and its ability to significantly reduce aerosolized particles.

We are committed to the continual testing and validation of our Pūrgo™ units to ensure our technology meets or exceeds air quality recommendations and is effective in the spaces we live, work, and play – real environments where people need it to work. For detailed testing information, please reach out to one of our experts here.


Yes, Pūrgo™ is safe to use when installed and operated as intended. It also contains several special features to ensure user safety. Pūrgo™ will not operate and will turn itself off if the filter door is opened or if it is closed without a filter cartridge in place. It contains LED lights to indicate when the filter cartridge needs to be replaced or when airflow is no longer optimal. It also contains fitted panels to prevent exposure to UV radiation. In addition, it is constructed from high impact, fire resistant polymeric material and is resistant to cleaning materials commonly used in medical facilities, making it extremely durable.

Pūrgo™ air sanitization is more than filtration only – it combines advanced, medical-grade filtration and patented, germicidal UV-C SteriDuct™ technology to eradicate and prevent remobilization of filtered pathogens. The UV-C SteriDuct uses LEDs which are also safer that UV lamps – many other air purifying systems (such as HVAC UV lamps, Photocatalytic Oxidation (PECO/PCO) and Bipolar Ionization) can contain mercury and release harmful chemical byproducts, like ozone, through the purification process. Pūrgo™ does not generate ozone or hazardous by-products

When used alone, HEPA filters can cause tunneling, in which captured particles and pathogens can break through the filter material, increasing recontamination.

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Pūrgo™ was designed for surgical operating rooms but can be used to provide medical-grade air sanitization for any indoor space. It can be used across all industries with indoor facilities/spaces to continuously clean the LOCAL air and help prevent person-to-person cross infection – caused when people share air while collaborating and gathering indoors. This also includes in-home use.

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Pūrgo™ is about the size of a carry-on suitcase. It is 10.6” wide, 19.5” long, 25.8” tall and weighs 44 lbs. With casters affixed, the unit is 27.5” tall. The unique SteriDuct UV-C LED used in all Pūrgo™ products allows them to stay compact without using conventional UV light tubes. They are designed to take up little space and integrate discreetly within your environment. Connect with our experts to make sure you have everything you need for your space.


In normal use, Pūrgo™ products require very little upkeep and maintenance. The filter cartridge should be replaced at least once every six months with a genuine AeroClean filter cartridge. Your Pūrgo™ device should be serviced by AeroClean (or an AeroClean-authorized service partner) every 18 months to ensure optimal operation. This service includes calibration and/or replacement of the UV-C LEDs, Controller board, sensors and motor, as needed.

Yes, AeroClean provides a 3-year warranty for all Pūrgo™ products, provided that the unit is serviced by either AeroClean or an authorized service partner in accordance with the service agreement outlined in the AeroClean User Manual. Filter cartridges and LEDs are exempt from this warranty.

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